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Rebecca Office Hours
This month's episode of Blister Prevention Office Hours is 100% dedicated to foot blister Q&A. Questions submitted were on the topics of lacing, taping, running, hiking, school shoes and interdigital blisters.
We explore the properties required of hydrocolloids for podiatrists as ulcer dressings, and our patients as blister dressings. Plus we update you on the BlisterPod range.
Follow along with Rebecca as she descibes the determinants of blister-causing shear by comparing it to massage. Hint: there's a reason they use oil in massage.
There's confusion around should blisters be lanced, deroofed or left alone. Most medical advice is to leave intact. But is that best? Let's look at the nuances.
How annoying is it when you fix one problem, only to cause another. Find out the 5 most common blisters from orthoses and how to fix them.
When it comes to sock fibers and moisture management to prevent blisters, which is better: cotton, wool or CoolMax? Let's take a closer look.
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