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Netball Blister Management (1st MPJ Focus)

Foot blisters in netball are one of the most common injuries experienced. We explored netball blister management in detail, with a focus on plantar first mettasophalangeal joint blisters.

  • Popularity/Demands of the Sport
  • Blister Incidence in Netball (Hopper, 1986; Smyth et al, 2020; Kirk et al, 2022)
  • Preventions in Popular Use
  • Anatomical Blister Sites
  • Case Study – Plantar 1st MPJ Blisters in Netball
  • My Proposed Treatment
  • Relieving Plantar 1st MPJ Blisters in Netball
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Netball Blister Q&A

Question from Aileen: Does deflective felt padding help to prevent blisters?

Question from Leigh: Basic pre-match management to prevent a blister at a previous blister site?

Question from Simone: How to avoid blisters in netballers?

Question from Simone: Acute management of blisters in netball?

Question from Anthony: What short term assistance to provide for painful blisters, permitting sufferer to continue activities?

Question from Tamara: How to myth-bust the old thinking that “friction” is the cause?

Question from Beth: Best thing to use for blisters on long walks?

Question from Leonie: Are double socks, or tape and socks best to reduce blisters?

Question from Leonie: Do you recommend Armaskin blister prevention socks for sports like netball or football/AFL?

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