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Pathomechanics and Prevention of Plantar Forefoot Blisters

[0:00] Introduction

[0:54] Is this even important – to understand the pathomechanics of plantar forefoot blisters?

[15:22] Recap – 4 things

  1. Friction is NOT rubbing
  2. Shear is the stretching
  3. Shear peaks in a state of static friction
  4. Biphasic shear event

[19:22] Preventing plantar forefoot blisters

  • [20:26] Reduce bone movement
  • [22:11] Reduce friction force (by reducing pressure)
  • [23:50] Reduce friction force (by reducing the coefficient of friction)
  • [25:24] Absorb shear
  • [26:11] Spread shear load

[26:54] Q&A

  1. [26:57] Can you demonstrate blister taping technique on an actual foot
    Taping Youtube playlist
  2. [28:39] Would Vicks prevent blisters
  3. [29:05] Interested in medial 1st MPJ edge blisters
    Learn more about medial forefoot edge blisters here
  4. [31:37] Can you walk/run 100km blister-free – yes!
  5. [35:18] How to prevent them
  6. [35:43] How to manage blisters
  7. [39:36] How to decide on first line blister therapy

[48:55] Wrapping up

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