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Blister Course Fix My Foot Blisters Fast: Testimonials

Fix My Foot Blisters FAST
The Fix My Foot Blisters FAST blister course helps people navigate their own path straight to the info they need to fix their foot blisters fast. Read the reviews.

There is a tonne of free blister help on this website. Take a look around. Or, if you’d rather I walked you methodically through what you need to know, while you navigate your own path to get straight to the info you’re interested in, you’re in luck. There’s a blister course called Fix My Foot Blister Fast and it’s made just for you!

Blister course fix my foot blisters fast


Very practical blister course

Extremely clear and very practical course, one of the techniques I learnt from Fix My Foot Blisters Fast allowed me to complete an 18km run only two weeks after suffering through the last 40km of an ultra with the worst foot blister I’ve ever had. Lots of great information here. I wish I’d found this course years ago. Well worth the small investment.

by Ted Nielsen

Essential for the Beginners and the Experienced

I wish I had had this available during my 20 years in the Army! It offers practical advice on presentation and treatment. During lockdown where the gym is closed and walking is my main exercise, I have used it to fix a blister and to take precautions to hopefully prevent any more. Rebecca is a great communicator and the package is easy to use and navigate. I have a link to it on my mobile so I can always get quick access to blister advice.

by Ian Davies

Invaluable blister course

Very easy to follow and understand information. I was able to go to the sections applicable to my blisters and the prevention methods worked really well and I don’t currently have any blister problems when using these methods.

by Mikhaila Carroll

So helpful and thorough

This has given us so many options for preventing and treating every kind of blister. We learned so much about blisters and the reasons they form—which is not what we had thought, so obviously, our mitigation efforts weren’t working. Great. Completely worth the money.

by Julie Borsa

Pragmatic approach to blister prevention and care

Stellar. A great approach to blister pathophysiology, prevention and care. I like the step-wise thought process and the location-by-location treatment process.

by Robert Spillane

Foot Fix Clinic

I am a Podiatrist with over 40 years of experience and have provided blister kits to my son’s cricket team on a tour to England however I wish I had the information provided by Rebecca in her blister prevention course I did learn new techniques and new materials. Rebecca has an excellent blister prevention course and I highly recommend it to my clients and anyone who has experienced blisters.

by Nigel Freeman

Excellent material!

I am learning so much as I go through this valuable resource. It’s true!

by Jeremy Palmer

Best course for blister problems

As a podiatrist regularly treating running injuries, I found this course excellent and recommend it to all my staff and any other colleagues that I can. It is thorough, informative, well researched and easy to digest with all subjects being dealt with in small bites (see what I did there?). I would recommend every podiatrist to do this course and also anyone who regularly suffers from blisters. Fabulous job Rebecca!

by Steve Wells

Lots of useful information

I stumbled across this site and though I don’t suffer greatly from blisters, there is loads of useful tips and hints for treating and avoiding them. I will be moving away from my usual “slap a Compeed on it, it’ll be fine” and making sure I have the few items to really deal with a blister when I do get one. This site is an eye opener. Thanks Rebecca.

by Jen Newstead

Thank you!!

Thank you!! You’ve helped me fix my foot blisters. I appreciate it SO much!

by Lei Ann Finch

On Blister Prevention Course

Invaluable course on understanding blisters and how to best avoid them and if unavoidable how to best deal with them as they can bring a long hike like the Camino to a very painful experience or worse a failed one.

by Thomas Shortell

Very helpful for ultra runner

My son recently ran the Moab 240 mile endurance run and I was one of his crew members. I did not know anything about blister prevention or treatment but thought it would be useful for such a long run. So I took the blister prevention course and it was so, so helpful. I bought one of the kits and had to use it several times during the race for both prevention and treatment of blisters. The course and kit enabled him to perform well in this race and was one of the differences between success and failure.

by Mitchell Scheiman

Wish I had done it earlier

It was one of the most informative and user-friendly courses I have ever done. Rebecca has explained various aspects of blister management and available strategies in an immensely detailed fashion, along with a personal touch on what some of the preferred techniques are. I love the course and I wish I had done it earlier. 🙂

by Tushar Singh

Blisters Didn’t Stop Me, Thanks To You!

Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully completed the Sydney Running Festival Half-marathon last Sunday ? (my first half-marathon). I could not have done it without your expertise regarding blister management, so wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU!! In the end, the only pain I had was due to the start of an ingrown toenail – not my blisters at all – no problems at all in that area! Keep on doing a great job – it makes a difference to people like me!

by Carolyn Hastie

Well worth it

I wish I knew about this 10yrs ago! Well worth the money and removes any doubt around how to prevent and treat these frustrating injuries! Highly recommended.

by Matty James

Happier without blisters

Just wanted to say a huge Thank You to Rebecca for her support & expertise. My daughter trains & plays basketball 6 times a week and had suffered from blisters continually! We had visited a podiatrist and had sought assistance with orthotics. Nothing seemed to help. Rebecca saved the day. Through the videos I learnt how to properly tape her feet and the Engo patches seem to have taken the heat out. Since joining “Fix My Foot Blisters Fast” she has not missed a training session and has been blister free – we could not be happier. Thanks again, Ros

by Ros Edmanson

Amazing blister course

I was training to trek to Everest Base Camp and was experiencing blisters in various places. I was really struggling to manage and prevent them until I discovered Rebecca and her amazing insight and real tools in real time that are effective! If you are experiencing blisters of any kind for any reason, you MUST utilise Rebecca’s expertise and tools. You will be cured and your feet will thank you. Rebecca is a real person whom is genuinely interested in helping. You will be so thankful that you subscribe, use the resources and implement recommendations. Do yourself and feet a favour!

by Kellie Smith

Love this program

No blisters for me anymore!!

by Grace Stout

Outstanding and thorough

Succinctly mixing text and instructional videos made this a great resource. I have my blister kit and I’m now working to prevent them with more confidence and far better results. And, when I did have a question about a technique in a video, I got an amazingly quick answer (within a few hours). Thanks for everything y’all are doing here.

by David Feltner

100% worth it

I stupidly tried wearing a new pair of heels a few days before a trip to Europe and wound up with awful blisters. I took pictures and sent them to Rebecca and within 10 minutes she answered with detailed and specific advice. My blisters HEALED in time for my trip. My trip was completely pain free. Thank you Rebecca!!

by Margaret Harvey

Praises from the tennis court

I highly recommend this course. During a two week holiday in Spain playing tennis 2-3 hours daily, I got serious blisters on both feet on the second day. The course helped me manage them and I continued play. Better still, I played a tournament a week later and, using the course information, I purchased two blister prevention products that worked extremely well. I was able to win the tournament on feet that were not fully healed.

by Paul Clutton

The things you learn along the way!

I am an ultra distance runner so blisters and foot carnage have been part of my life for over ten years now. I have never come across a more comprehensive explanation of preventing and/or treating blisters. In fact, I would have liked to have known this ten years ago! I appreciate the information that I have been shown and now I have an awesome blister kit when I do an event.

by Sharon Weir

Best Advice Ever!

I am a keen bushwalker who had ongoing blister issues for many years. Since ‘discovering’ Rebecca and her invaluable information on how to deal with blisters of all types, my walking adventures have much more enjoyable. I now have a much better understanding of the causes of blisters and a range of preventative measures to put to put in place to avoid them.

by Mary Williams

My Half Marathon and Hiking Savior

I purchased this program after destroying my feet training for a half marathon. It helped me properly care for the blisters I got, then helped me learn to avoid them so I could go on a 10 day hike in Europe with no issues!!

by Susan Carson


Brilliant advice

I bought the blister pack and the app before I went on a long long walk in Europe. These two products, and Rebecca’s email address kept me, and many others, blister free on my walk. I was able to help lots of other walkers with my new found knowledge or would consult the app. Truly great products and great attention and advice from Rebecca.

by Rebecca Kennedy

145 miles of mountain hiking

No blisters in 145 miles of mountain hiking. The rose is for your efforts to keep us all blister-free.

by Darrell

Blister course invaluable

I found the course invaluable. And easy to follow. Having just completed 100k of the Camino, I was ready and aware of prevention of blisters. I only got one blister which was because of excessive rain walking for six hours. The blister was more a friction burn but I knew what to do. I was so happy to complete the Camino stage with my feet looking incredible well and healthy. Thank you so much. Really appreciate the time you have put into this course. Happy walking, Phyl.

by Phyl Grogan

Best advice and support available!

I was training to trek to Everest Base Camp and was experiencing blisters in various places. I was really struggling to manage them until I discovered Rebecca and her amazing insight and tools! If you are experiencing blisters of any kind for any reason, you MUST utilise Rebecca’s expertise. You will be cured and your feet will thank you.

by Kellie Smith

Email support

I emailed Rebecca a question and she replied the same day with very helpful comments. For less than the cost of hiring a tennis court for 2 hours (at least in London) you get access to information that will help safeguard your feet and raise your game. Well worth it.

by Paul C

Excellent Info Saved my Feet

Last year I went on a very long walking holiday. I used much of your very helpful advice concerning blister prevention and my blister kit. I walked over 1000km and never had to use my kit, not even once. However, I met many fellow walkers during the 1000km who had not been so fortunate with their feet. I am very grateful to you for your excellent information about blisters. Thank you.

by Malalia Floyd

Best Advice

While training to do a section of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, I got a huge blister. Rebecca’s advice helped me treat the problem so I could keep training. Thanks to her advice I completed my walk with no blisters and very healthy and happy feet (unlike many others I met).

by Jeff Smart

Fix My Foot Blisters FAST course

The blister prevention programme is excellent. A lot of effort has gone into preparing it. It has focused, well researched, useful information, and Rebecca is a skillful and clear presenter. I highly recommend this for practitioners who see people with blisters, want to up-skill or for those who suffer from blisters.

by Kim Tottenham


Fast help when you need it!

While hiking remotely I started suffering blisters for the first time in decades. After requesting help, I received online tutorials and personal correspondence with Doc Rebecca that helped me to understand what was going on, and how to fix it. It saved my trip and taught me how to prepare for future hikes.

by Juli Hennings

Love this advice

I love the course. I learnt so much and I’m so pleased someone took the time to tell me all the things I should know about looking after my feet.

by Sarah Howard

European Alps Hiking and Trail Running

During my 9-week trip to the European Alps to hike and trail run, I developed blisters on my toes. I utilised the advice on treatment of the blisters and prevention of further blisters that was specific to my circumstances. Without this advice, I do not doubt that I would have had to abort my European trip. The knowledge of blister prevention and treatment provided by the Fix My Foot Blisters FAST program was invaluable to me.

by Leo Risbridger

Searched the internet

I searched the internet for detailed information on blisters and found nothing satisfactory until I found this course.

by Paul

First day of school

Used the information to help my daughter on the first day of school. She was impressed by the effectiveness.

by Bernadette Wilson

Blister course – Loved it

I loved the course! It’s clear, full of information I’ve never seen anywhere else, and is well written and presented. I now understand what has really been causing my blisters. And now that I understand the cause I can apply all the techniques Rebecca teaches to treat my current blisters and prevent future blisters. I highly recommend this course.

by Vickie Williams

Ultra runner seeking end to blisters

Plagued with toe blisters I didn’t know what to do. Stumbled upon Rebecca on YouTube and decided to follow it up and paid for her Fix My Foot Blisters Fast course. It was very informative and dispelled a lot of myths and misinformation regarding blisters which was really useful in taking a new approach to dealing with my blisters. I also emailed a number of queries to Rebecca and she always came back with a prompt and detailed response.

by Wes Arnold

It fixed my foot blister knowledge fast

What Rebecca doesn’t know about blisters hasn’t happened yet! This course covers topics I didn’t even think of. Thank you, this will always be a great tool to have.

by Shirley Zaknich

Solved my problems

I didn’t think this would help, but I haven’t had a blister since I used one simple trick provided in the course.

by Jake Schulte


Well worth it

I wish I knew about this 10yrs ago! Well worth the money and removes any doubt around how to prevent and treat these frustrating injuries! Highly recommended.

by Matty James

Best Blister Advice Around

In preparation for walking the Camino de Santiago I purchased this course and a few items I didn’t previously have. Having watched all the videos I knew when to check my feet and what to do if I felt a hot spot developing. Now I am 3 weeks into my walk and I fortunately only let one spot turn into a blister. I should have stopped and addressed it but I thought, I am close enough to the next town I will do it there. I knew better. So I followed the advice for treating it and I was on my way. Thank you for helping me care for my blister prone feet.

by Diane Turney

Thorough, explicit, current!

This is the most thorough, explicit and CURRENT blister advice, not just repetition of the same old, same old. Rebecca’s advice and expertise are without par. I cannot recommend Fix My Foot Blisters Fast course highly enough.

by Lisbeth Naurbol (Canada)

Fewer blisters

I had much fewer blisters at this camp and I was able to treat others before they became a problem.

by Ian Thomas

Blister Prevention at your finger tips

Rebecca has provided a very comprehensive service for the prevention and treatment of blisters. Lots of very helpful information and access to useful products. Definitely worth a second and third look.

by Russel M

Nicely done!

I took the quiz at the beginning of the course and was chagrined to get a 33% score on the test! I must compliment you on the rigor and care with which you have prepared your course and the useful information provided in your series of 10 E-Mails. Nicely done!

by Mark C

Excellent blister course

I would highly recommend this course. Thanks Rebecca for making it so accessible and fun. I feel much more informed and well prepared for the extended hiking later in the year.

by Joy Linton

Rebecca Knows Blisters!

The most complete compilation of blister prevention and treatment that I have found. This guided course is easy to follow, leading me to much appreciated relief! I am grateful and somewhat astonished at the level of help I received from such a skilled podiatrist.

by Jim S

So very helpful

As I prepare for my journey on the Camino de Santiago I have studied accounts of many pilgrims on line and in person. The stories of blister injuries alarmed me and I set about to find the best advice for the prevention and treatment of this scourge. Rebecca’s Fix My Foot Blisters FAST program is simply the best. Thorough, well researched and useful, I have incorporated it into my training program as I build up my endurance along the mountain trails of my native Colorado. I’ve also found her phone app very helpful as I am out and about on the trail. I strongly recommend Rebecca Rushton’s program to all who run, hike or trek.

by Mark Cerda

Everyone should watch My Foot Blister course – it’s brilliant!

The most comprehensive instructions with easy to understand procedures. I recommend this to anyone who does any hiking, walking or sport.

by Shannon Bratton

Very informative program

The program was incredibly informative – I didn’t realise how much there was to know about blisters and how many different ways there was to treat them. This program saved me a lot of pain on a multiday hike! It program proved useful because:
1) it exposed me to the thinking of the marathon running community which turned out to have quite a history and seemed to me to be more sophisticated than the long-distance hiking vloggers I usually tune into.
2) I learned about the role shear forces play in blister development and the likelihood of recurrence.
3) I learned about products the running community uses that have so far worked to my advantage.
4) I corrected my misconception about where and how to apply tape to prevent blisters. The text, videos and the e-mails I received amplifying the teaching points all combined to make the program highly worthwhile.

by Hannah Stanley

An invaluable tutorial on the prevention and treatment of foot blisters

Review text: Rebecca’s well organized program of videos, reading and even product recommendations were all I needed to quickly treat my foot blisters. I started a regimen of fast walking during our Covid quarantine I and soon developed a series of pretty good blisters. Following Rebecca’s treatment program I was able to bring them under control and finally eliminate them altogether without disrupting my worksouts!

by Alan Lamb


Don’t even think twice! This course saved me. Probably the best thing I have done online in years! Rebecca really knows her stuff to help you achieve a blister free life. I really can’t say enough (except thank you Rebecca for creating this invaluable course)!

by Holly Grutman Xerri

A world of difference!

Rebecca’s blister fixing program is highly informative and the supplementary series of training emails has greatly helped me better understand not just how to treat blisters but how to think about them, from prevention through to ‘cure’.

by Peter Macfarlane

Excellent Course

I found each of the modules to be very informative. The course was easy to follow. I feel much more confident in preventing and treating blisters.

by Jett Cooper

So worthwhile!!!!!

I stumbled across the Blister Prevention website and am so pleased that I did . The short course is very informative and it was good to learn about prevention as well as treating blisters – both of which I required. The support from Rebecca is exceptional – she gets back to you quickly and has the products you will need to heal your blister. I have no hesitation is highly recommending Rebecca’s service.

by Paula Ryan

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