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Question 1

[0:45] Boot lacing for blister prevention: tight or loose? Or does it depend?
Firm lacing is ALWAYS best
👉 How to Lace a Hiking Boot For Better Fit (Enwild)
👉 Lacing Your Hiking Boot – Heel Lock (

Question 2

[3:20] To tape, or not to tape?

Setting the scene for qns 3-5

Don’t ask:

  • What’s the best blister prevention?
  • What’s the best blister prevention for [activity]?

Instead ask:

  • What’s the best prevention for [site] blisters?

And then:

  • Nuance it to the activity.

Question 3

[12:23] Blister prevention for runners

Question 4

[20:01] Best blister prevention strategies for hikers

Question 5

[24:59] Blister prevention for kids with new school shoes that have been fitted correctly

Question 6

[29:00] Tips and best devices for blisters between the big toe and second toe
👉 Distal forefoot blisters that progress to interdigital blister

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