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Spotlight on Innovation: PelliTec’s Feasibility Study at Diabetic Foot Conference 2023 (DFCon23)

PelliTec Poster Presentation at Diabetic Foot Conference 2023 (DFcon23)
Congratulations to PelliTec for having their feasibility study accepted as a poster presentation at this prestigious Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCon23).

Heading to the Diabetic Foot Conference 2023 (DFCon23) in Anaheim, California?

DFCon23, the renowned Diabetic Foot Conference 2023, is where podiatrists, vascular surgeons, endocrinologists, wound care specialists, and other involved health professionals get together and talk limb preservation. DFCon23 spotlights cutting-edge research, emerging therapeutic approaches, state-of-the-art wound treatment and prevention, all in the aim of averting complications and amputations in diabetic patients.

This dynamic event is distinguished by its highly participatory format, featuring case studies, expert panel debates, interactive workshops, poster presentations and an exhibition hall displaying established products and the latest innovations in the realm of diabetic foot care. This year’s DFCon offers both in-person and virtual attendance options, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience.

We are pleased to extend our congratulations to Peter Broxton and the team at PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads for their commendable achievement in having their feasibility study titled “Feasibility study to assess the effectiveness of PelliTec blister prevention pads for Diabetic Foot Ulcer prevention” accepted as a poster presentation at this prestigious event.” Here’s a sneak peak.

Learn more about the Diabetic Foot Conference 2023

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